Sikh American Man Stabbed and Killed in Idaho

August 31st, 2017


This past Monday, August 28th, 22 year-old Gagandeep Singh was murdered while driving his cab in Idaho, when a passenger he picked up fatally stabbed him. The perpetrator, Jacob Coleman, has been arrested and faces first degree murder charges and is being denied bail.

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 Gagandeep Singh was a 22 year-old third year software engineering student and app developer who was in college and was driving a cab to support his educational endeavors.

SALDEF has been in touch with the family of Gagandeep Singh to offer our deepest condolences and assistance.  We have also engaged both local and federal laws enforcement authorities including the FBI, the Department of Justice, Community Relations Service, and the office of US Attorneys for Washington and Idaho, to ensure this murder is thoroughly investigated and that the local jurisdiction is treating the case with the utmost importance.

“We offer our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of Gagandeep Singh,” said SALDEF Executive Director, Baldev Singh. “We call upon local and federal law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the motives of this terrible crime and bring justice to Gagandeep’s family.”

This incident follows a string of violent crimes which occurred in California last month. On July 18th, a Sikh American woman, Ms. Simranjit Grewal, was driving to work when suddenly an unknown assailant threw a rock at her car, shattering the windshield on the passenger side and striking Ms. Grewal. Additionally, as he assaulted Ms. Grewal, the suspect allegedly yelled, “Go back to your country”.

Also, on the morning of Sunday, July 23, 68 year-old Subag Singh was seen leaving his home in Fresno, CA to take a walk, was found dead in a canal with physical injuries later that day.

Finally, on the night of Tuesday, July 25, 20 year-old Simranjit Singh was shot and killed while working at a gas station near Sacramento, CA. Before the attack was carried out on Simranjit, his colleague faced verbal and physical attacks by a group of men and fled the scene to call 911.

SALDEF urges all Sikh Americans to immediately report any incidents of harassment, bullying or assault to SALDEF and your local authorities. If you or someone you know has been a victim of any racially motivated crime, please contact SALDEF directly at 202-403-0246 or via our Report an Incident Form.

SALDEF encourages all Sikh Americans to remain vigilant during this time of increased violence, ensure you Know Your Rights if you undergo any form of harassment or discrimination and to continue to always practice your faith fearlessly.

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