Join the National Day of Online Action to End Racial Profiling!

June 14th, 2012

Join advocates and individuals around the country for a coordinated day of online action to take a stand against racial profiling!  Send a letter to key Senators today to urge their support for the End Racial Profiling Act (ERPA – S. 1670).

Sikh Americans have become too familiar with racial profiling, from airport screenings to traffic stops, it is time to put an end to this practice! Urge Senators to end racial profiling today!

The End Racial Profiling Act of 2011 (ERPA) will ban profiling by federal, state and local law enforcement based on race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin.

ERPA takes these important steps to ban racial profiling:

    • Makes it unlawful for federal, state, local, or Indian tribal law enforcement to profile based on race, religion, ethnicity or national origin;
    • Creates a private right of action for victims of profiling, which would allow individuals who believe they have been subject to racial profiling to sue the agent or agency they believe to have violated ERPA;
    • Allows the U.S. Attorney General to withhold grants from state law enforcement agencies that are not complying with ERPA;
    • Requires training on racial profiling for law enforcement agents;
    • Requires data collection and monitoring mechanisms such as complaint processes; and
    • For the first time, ERPA prohibits racial profiling in the context of law enforcement surveillance activities.


Tweet your support for the End Racial Profiling Act!
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Tweet these Senators and urge them to support the bill!
•    Brown (OH): @SenSherrodBrown
•    Franken (MN): @Alfranken
•    Graham (SC):  @Grahamblog
•    Schumer (NY): @ChuckSchumer
•    Wyden (OR): @RonWyden

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