Campaign Update: Anti-Sikh Facebook Pages

December 7th, 2010

700,000 Facebook Users No Longer Receiving Anti-Sikh Messages; Over 2 Million Remain

Image attempting to link Sikhs to terrorists

This summer, SALDEF reported forty-five (45) Anti-Sikh or Anti-Turban pages reaching a combined audience of over 3 million individuals on Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking site.

Thanks to the community’s support, a handful of pages have been shut down resulting in over 700,000 facebook users no longer receiving Anti-Sikh messages.  The majority of pages, however, are still active and spreading misinformation about Sikhs.


  1. Sign the Petition to Facebook to have these pages removed
  2. If you have already signed up, encourage others to do so by clicking here
  3. Post this link on your Facebook wall:
  4. Report these offensive pages directly to Facebook.  Visit each page and click ‘report this page’

The following are examples of pages that have been closed down as a result of your actions:
•    My turban brings the Taliban to the yard and they’re like we wanna bomb cars
•    How long are these turban jokes on Faceboook gonna curry on for?
•    My Turban Only Comes Off During Sex 😉

“It’s critical that we keep the pressure on Facebook to remove these Anti-Sikh pages,” said Jasjit Singh, SALDEF’s Associate Executive Director. “The misinformation being spread from these pages puts our community in harm’s way by promoting misconceptions about our identity.  These pages directly undermine our educational efforts.”

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