Why You Should Apply for a SikhLEAD Summer Internship

January 26th, 2018

Dear Supporter Ji,

I applied for a  SikhLEAD Internship in order to make strong connections with the politically active people within my Sikh community and to ensure that I would be able to uphold the strong morals of social activism within a professional workplace. I knew that if I were to join SikhLEAD, I would have summer full of adventure and discovery by living in D.C., interacting with people from all walks of life, and working a 9am-5pm job in a sector that I am passionate about– social activism.

My SikhLEAD cohort was the reason why my summer experience was so special. I made lifelong friendships and created a network of aspiring Sikh American leaders who have and will help me both emotionally and professionally. I am lucky enough to have been able to live with one of my best friends in D.C., and through this experience, we have made memories that will last forever. 

This program helped me in many of sectors in my life (1)

During the summer, I learned how to properly manage my time, by prioritizing what was most important to me, making sure I was present at work and completed all of my tasks on time, and represented the Community successfully. Our cohort also organized the annual Langar on the Hill, allowing us to further introduce Sikhs and Sikhi to Congress, but also bring together individuals from across DC to package meals for the disadvantaged.

When I had returned to school in the Fall, I applied all of these aspects of the summer to my daily life. I was able to manage my school work, social life and music career at the same time. This program helped me in many aspects of my life and I am forever grateful that people have so lovingly invested their time and resources in a program such as this. I feel privileged to have had an opportunity such as this one and I plan on applying again.

I strongly encourage anyone considering applying for a 2018 SikhLEAD Summer Internship to do so, and feel confident that you will get support from SALDEF while building valuable relationships and knowledge that you will use not just in your future career, but in all aspect of your life.

Apply now for this amazing internship opportunity at www.sikhlead.org!

Gurleen Kaur Ahuja
2017 SALDEF SikhLEAD Internship Alumni

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