50 Million Reached and We Kept Going

January 31st, 2015

This New Year’s Day, a group of dedicated Sikh Americans made history. 50 million Americans turned on their TVs to see Sikh American history and Sikh Americans who have committed their lives to service in the first-ever Sikh float at the Rose Parade. We are deeply grateful to the work of Rashpal Singh Dhindsa of United Sikh Mission, Khalsa Care Foundation, SikhLens, and Minu Kaur Singh, the float’s creative director, for turning an ambitious vision into a reality.

SALDEF not only conducted outreach to broadcasters at the event, which included ABC, HGTV, NBC, and the Hallmark Channel, we also managed media outreach before, during, and after the event, securing opportunities for the Sikh float team to share their 125 year long heritage and Sikh values, like seva and chardi kala. More than 30 separate media placements were secured in online, print, and broadcast coverage. Moreover, over 1,700 of our fellow neighbors visited SALDEF’s website to learn more about Sikh Americans and Sikh American history in a single hour.

The Rose Parade effort speaks to the power of SALDEF’s Media Initiative and how it can give Sikh Americans the opportunity to tell their stories and generate major Sikh American awareness, while empowering community leaders to build their own voices and rapport with the media.

Thank you for your support of our media work, and for supporting for the team that will continue to lead high impact awareness campaigns.

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Feature Coverage Examples:

ABC   ABC 7 Los Angeles  KPCC (NPR Affiliate)    KTLA

Chapman University Blogs  Fontana Herald-News  Hindustani Times

Huffington Post   India West   The Journal-Times   The Journal News

The Los Angeles Times   Medium.com   NBC News   OC Register

Pasadena Star-News  PBS  Reddit.com   Sikh 24  SikhNet

Stockton Record  Times of India   World Religion News

Also includes broadcast on KTLA, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, NBC, and Univision

Media Mention Examples:

Boston Herald CBS News.com  LA.com

Kansas City Star (Number 14)   The New York Times

OC Register  Press-Enterprise  SF Gate

Also includes tweets from The Aerogram, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Auburn Seminary, Jose Antonio Vargas, Rose Parade, and Sepia Mutiny among others


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