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SALDEF encourages civic participation, including providing access to information about voting to Sikh Americans at Gurdwaras and other community centers. SikhVote is our initiative to provide outreach at these community centers and ensuring that Sikhs have up-to-date information regarding voting rights and regulations. In order to maximize our reach, we encourage Punjabi-speaking households to provide this essential information regarding citizenship and voting rights.

If you would like to access SALDEF’s voting materials in English or Punjabi or would like SALDEF to conduct outreach at your Gurdwara or community center, please contact us at 202-393-2700.

Many Sikh American leaders, including Bhagat Singh Thind, have made great sacrifices to ensure that we can vote. Increasing the number of Sikh Americans registered to vote is one of the best ways to amplify our community’s voice.

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