The Insights of an Interfaith Panel

June 13th, 2011

Hello SALDEF blog-readers!

I am back at SALDEF this summer interning at the recently opened LA office! That’s right, I get to work in the City of Angels all summer long, using the much berated LA public transportation system – which I will hopefully prove to be somewhat efficient, though I admit that I’ve already started using my car to get into the city. How LA of me.

I got right back into action, helping to organize some last minute details for SALDEF’s annual Southern California Fundraising Banquet which took place last Sunday, June 5. The Banquet celebrated the 15th anniversary of SALDEF – an amazing achievement because each of those fifteen years have been packed with monumental achievements. To read more about the SoCal Banquet, please click here.

Then last week, I headed over to Laguna Hills High School to attend an insightful interfaith panel on which SALDEF Community Relations Associate Birpal Kaur represented the Sikh perspective. Also in attendance were representatives from Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Hinduism, and a man who adheres to no organized religion at all. Questions from the senior class of the high school ranged from each faith’s beliefs on reincarnation, the definition of faith, misconceptions around their faith, intelligent life-forms and tolerance of other faiths. It was humbling to be reminded that there are so many ways that we can connect with God, and Sikhism is just one path within a myriad of religions and belief systems that guide individuals. Each faith, each belief system has its own place in this world. That’s why it is vital for organizations like SALDEF to protect that right and ensure the ability of men and women to practice their faith unhindered by regulations and attitudes that may be discriminatory and unjust.

I am looking forward to a fun and productive summer packed with similar experiences, meaningful research and definitely a lot of blogging!

Coming to you from 634 S Spring Street,
Jasleen K. Singh

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