Jasjit Singh
Executive Director
Jasjit Singh SALDEF Executive DirectorJasjit Singh brings several years of experience as a consultant and auditor for Fortune 500 companies while at Deloitte and Touche—where he oversaw finances, process flows, and the organizational development as a supervising manager for various private sector companies— to his role as Executive Director of SALDEF. Singh not only manages the development and daily operations of the organization but has been building relationships between SALDEF and the DC powermakers since 2009. He has also provided presentations on racial profiling, employment discrimination and community challenges to varied audiences including the US Assistant Attorney General, FBI Director, TSA Administrator, metro police, law students, local organizations and EEOC Chairman. Singh is also an author who has published op-eds on domestic and religious issues and appeared in/on several media outlets including New York Times, Politico, Washington Post, Huffington Post, National Public Radio, and CBS Radio. Singh currently serves on the Secretary of Homeland Security’s Faith-Based Initiative and on the Executive Committee of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA).

Singh is an active member of his community, founded and became president of the Sikh Student Association at the University of Illinois, and recently received a “Distinguished Alumni Award” for his service to his community and the country from his Alma Mater. He graduated with a B.A. from University of Illinois.


Sona Simran Kaur
Communications Director
Sona S Kaur SALDEF Communications DirectorSona Simran Kaur recently joined SALDEF as the Communication Director after serving as Director of Media Relations at CreativeFeed, a marketing agency that lies at the intersection of technology, media, and lifestyle brands. In this position, she launched and spearheaded the firm’s media relations practice. Prior to this, she served Columbia Business School as a Senior Media Relations Manager. Kaur started her career as a public relations executive at Porter Novelli and has executed successful media and influencer campaigns on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, influential law firms, and various start-ups.

Kaur has established herself as a trusted resource for journalists and clients, eager to leverage her communications skills for the public good. She is a Board member at Accion’s Microfinance Council and a Mentor Coach at New York Needs You.

Kaur graduated with an M.S. from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, and and a B.A. from University of Rochester.


Sumeet Kaur Bal
Communications Manager
Sumeet Kaur SALDEF Communications ManagarSumeet Kaur Bal comes to her role as Communications Manager after more than 10 years of experience as a journalist working for Entertainment Weekly, Parenting Magazine, and MTV. Mentored by top editors from Time, Inc. and the New York Times and producers from the Today Show, ABC and CBS News, Bal has covered hard news, culture and fashion for print and broadcast media.

Prior to pursuing journalism, Bal was SALDEF’s first full time employee covering media and policy work. Earlier in her career, Bal was a paralegal at the Center for Individual Rights and a recruiter/paralegal at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart in New York City.

Bal served on the board of the Interfaith Alliance and SALDEF’s Media Advisory Board, and is an active advocate of diversity in the New York City and San Francisco independent schools.

She graduated with an M.S. in Broadcasting from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, and a B.A. in Religion/Political Science from Duke University.


Jyotswaroop Kaur
Education Director
Jyotswaroop Kaur SALDEF Education DirectorJyotswaroop Kaur joined SALDEF’s Southern California office with 10 years of experience in youth education programs, teaching, economic and social justice work. In her role at the helm of the Education Initiative, Kaur is responsible for the strategic growth and development of the organization’s two SikhLEAD programs: The Internship Program and the Leadership Development Program. While she spends the majority of her time running the Southern California Bureau, Kaur has brokered relationships with organizations, government bureaus, and offices on Capitol Hill securing coveted internships for the prestigious Internship Program. Kaur not only hand picks each candidate, but also grooms them with resume and interview coaching prior to their arrival in D.C. Just as she winds down her D.C. partnerships, Kaur begins creating the strategic plan and class for the Leadership Development Program where she carefully culls pioneers and changemakers from our nation’s top industries—entrepreneurs, lawyers, journalists, and community organizers— to speak with her incoming LDP class. Kaur also oversees much of the community relations work including the Law Enforcement Partnership Program.

She serves on the Board of Directors of SAJE (Strategic Actions for a Just Economy) — a community based organization in South Los Angeles.

Kaur graduated with her M.A. in Public Administration, Non-Profit Management and Policy degree from the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, and received her B.A. in English with a minor in Conflict Resolution from the University of California at Irvine.


Navdeep Singh
Policy Director
Navdeep Singh SALDEF Policy DirectorNavdeep Singh brings an extensive legal, research, and analytics background to the Policy and Research Initiative at SALDEF. While Singh tracks public policy, advises on legislative and community action strategies, and coordinates research opportunities on a day to day basis, he also spends time presenting SALDEF’s research, including the Turban Myths report, to coalition and government partners, drafting and writing memos to include the Sikh American voice in legislation, and building relationships with government leaders and D.C. based organizations. Singh represents SALDEF in meetings with coalition partners, lawmakers, and government agencies. He has also extensively represented the Sikh American community and SALDEF via media outlets including CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post and NPR.

Singh previously held legal positions at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. He is also a graduate of the FBI’s Citizen’s Academy. Singh co-founded the Sikh Students Association at his Alma Mater and received the Nelson Chow Award for service to the APA community and the 21 Society Award for community service.

Singh received his J.D. from the George Washington University Law School, and his B.S. in Systems Engineering with a double major in Economics from the University of Virginia, where he was among the first to graduate with a minor in Asian Pacific American Studies.


Joyce Johnson
Office Manager
Joyce Johnson SALDEF Office ManagerWith over 15 years experience working with business executives and upper management and supporting government clients, Joyce Johnson, manages the daily administrative functions at SALDEF. Included in her extensive responsibilities are keeping the Executive Director abreast of all activities at SALDEF’s office in Washington D.C.

Johnson has also been active in local, business, and government communities through her membership with various associations including the Chamber of Commerce and while holding positions on various organizations’ Boards of Directors.





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En primer lugar, reflejos son Halket CALLE viagra tiempo de ereccion PITTSBURCH. PENNSYLVANIA Un empleado de igualdad de oportunidades, Magee Womeni-Hospital es. Jedicaicd a la atención de las mujeres y infann y ij miembro corporativo cialis e levitra funciona hipertension de la Universidad compra de viagra espana cialis efectos secundarios fotos mejor hora para tomar propecia Centro de Salud de Pittsburgh. establecido temprano en el desarrollo embrionario y estos reflejos son significado autónomo que se configuran como arcos reflejos a través de la médula espinal y no involucran el cerebro. Por lo tanto, si un investigador trata de medir, por ejemplo, el movimiento o la frecuencia cardíaca fetal como una medida del dolor Esta es una medida inexacta. Un feto responde con estos reflejos autonómicos a los estímulos, no al dolor. 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Pour montrer le danger extrême, il est de ces cas, je peux dire que, après un examen attentif et un entretien prolongé avec ce patient, il m'a dit que, bien qu'il abhorrait la violence, il a estimé qu'il doit se protéger d'une certaine façon et que, dès comme il a trouvé ennuis au-delà de son endurance ou de contrôle, il doit se détruire et qu'il laisserait à moi de juger s'il pouvait être dissuadé de sa fin si VIS-il déterminé sur elle. La violence, encore une fois, peut provenir d'une conséquence naturelle posologie cialis de la vanité insensée certains patients sont des sources de danger de la façon dont ils affirment leur puissance et leur importance. 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