Policy & Research


SALDEF serves as a resource and voice for the Sikh American community on issues that not only affect the lives of Sikh Americans but all Americans. Our policy work includes lobbying on Capitol Hill, presenting at universities, working with federal agencies such as the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, and collaborating with our coalition partners. We strive to ensure that the Sikh American spirit and our values of equality, freedom, and justice are an integral part of national discourse.

Some of the issues we are engaged in include:

  • Voting Rights
  • Women’s Rights
  • Racial Profiling
  • School Bullying
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Religious Freedom

turbanmythscoverTo help accomplish our goals, SALDEF produces materials and research to help educate the Sikh American community about public policy. We create reports and briefings to help local and national legislators
understand the interests of the Sikh American community. We help bring the voice of 700,000 Sikh Americans to the table. Our goal is to use this voice to promote an inclusive perspective about public policy.

Our latest research was conducted with Stanford University, Turban Myths: The Opportunities and Challenges for Reframing Sikh American Identity in Post-9/11 America. This research explores the public perception of the Sikh articles of faith and the role of the media in creating an implicit bias against the community. Click here to read the report and learn more.

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