Support the Growth and Empowerment of Sikh Youth Through SikhLEAD!

December 20th, 2017

The SikhLEAD Internship Program provides an experience that is unparalleled in its value to personal and career development. It allows for Sikh perspectives to be injected into public policy discussions in our capital. Students walk away with insight into exciting careers, and a commitment to the growth, empowerment, and protection of the Sikh American community.

Since 2014 we have placed 64 talented Sikh youth in positions at the White House, on Capitol Hill, and in federal agencies. As ambassadors of the community, interns have informed hundreds of lawmakers and their staff about the Sikh values of service and equality.

None of this progress could have been possible without your support! Please join us in supporting SALDEF generously at this time so that we can continue to build the SikhLEAD program.

This year we anticipate a large pool of applicants. Our goal for 2018 is to place 15 interns in Washington DC and to expand the program to state legislatures in California and New Jersey. The cost of a single internship is:


  • $4,000 covers cost of the 2-day personal development training for all the interns, delivered by a professional  trainer

  • $3,000 is a complete sponsorship supporting the cost of one intern

  • $1,500 covers the stipend paid to one intern

  • $450 covers travel to and from DC for one intern

  • $350 covers the cost of food at trainings


Each year SikhLEAD interns host Langar on the Hill in DC. The event has become the largest congressional and community gathering on Capitol Hill, reaching thousands more through social and traditional media and covered by NBC News and Roll Call. Join us in creating a larger impact in 2018 by donating today to support the SikhLEAD Programs.


Thank you for investing in your community!


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