SMART Conducts Educational Seminar For Law Enforcement in Delaware

March 28th, 2001

Washington, DC — The Sikh Mediawatch and Resource Task Force (SMART), a national Sikh American advocacy group, conducted a 90 minute presentation on Sikh Americans and Sikhism on Thursday, March 28, for local law enforcement in Seaford, Delaware. This presentation was part of SMART’s Education Campaign aimed at educating federal government and local law enforcement agencies about Sikh Americans and Sikhism.

The presentation offered a tutorial about the history and theology of the Sikh faith, and focused on breaking down common stereotypes and misperceptions of Sikh Americans. The presentation also highlighted the five articles of faith, giving special attention to the kirpan and turban. Additionally time was devoted to explaining the difference between Sikhs, and other commonly associated religions and cultural groups, stressing Sikh’s separate identity from Hindus, Muslims, and especially the Taliban.

SMART believes that the most effective way to prevent further incidents of harassment of Sikh Americans, especially regarding domestic security issues, is continued education about Sikhism to federal agencies, local authorities, and community leaders.

SMART will continue to offer such seminars to other federal agencies in the future.

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