Help Train Law Enforcement in 2018!

November 20th, 2017

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Have you flown recently and had a TSA officer say, “Sat Sri Akal” or tell you they know about the Kara, and wondered how they knew about Sikhs? Through our Law Enforcement Partnership Program (LEPP), SALDEF has trained all 45,000 TSA airport screeners and our materials are a mandatory part of the training for all new hires.

For nearly 20 years, when law enforcement and government agencies want trainings on Sikhs, they turn to SALDEF. Our LEPP has trained over 100,000 law enforcement officers, and increased awareness about Sikhs to law enforcement officers and screeners across the country, and developed stronger relationships between them and the local Sikh American community.

Donate Now To Support This Critical Work!

11038392_10153996395844368_3061259670621194295_oIn 2017 alone, we have trained over 800 officers, security screeners and agents across the country with in-person trainings in California, Massachsetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Texas; as well as Federal agencies like the TSA, FBI and EEOC. In recognition of the impact of our partnership and these trainings SALDEF was recognized by the TSA with their 2017 Community Partnership Award.

We hope to make 2018 even more impactful, but we need your help! Have you wondered what is the cost of delivering a single one hour training? Every training session involves the cost of materials, the SALDEF trainer’s time and travel costs.

Consider this, a contribution of:

  • $190 will help towards providing informational material

  • $450 covers travel to a city for a SALDEF trainer

  • $920 is a complete sponsorship of a training event

Support this work with a generous and 100% tax-deductible year-end donation or recurring monthly donation, so that we can expand this work and help build partnerships with your local department. Thank you for continuing to work with us to ensure Sikh Americans are rights are protected and that our sangat is accurately represented as a vibrant part of our nation’s fabric. You can donate by visiting

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