What is going on with immigration in the US?

The administration of President Trump has proposed significant changes to current US immigration policies while raising restrictions on many countries while simultaneously increasing the capabilities of the Department of Homeland Security. The changes the current administration is introducing would directly affect immigrants from ALL countries. READ – This past week, the US Senate debated […]

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Time is running out! Apply Now for the NJ SikhLEAD Summer Internship!

Can you believe it is already February? Summer is only FOUR months away! Now is the time to apply or encourage young Sikhs to apply for internships. SALDEF is helping place students in hard-to-get internships with your NJ representatives. Click here to apply for the New Jersey SikhLEAD Summer Internship! The 2018 SALDEF SikhLEAD New Jersey […]

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Know Your Rights Forum in Chapin, South Carolina

On Sunday, February 4th, 2018, SALDEF organized a Know Your Rights Forum in Chapin, SC at Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina.The event was attended by about 150 members of the Sangat. The speakers at the event included Mr. Dan Koon from the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, Mr. Brian Jones from the FBI, Ms. […]

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Know Your Rights Forum in Chapin, SC

You are invited to a Know Your Rights Forum on Sunday, February 4, 2018, 12:30 pm est at the Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina also known as Gurdwara Nanaksar, located at 11419 Broad River Rd, Chapin, SC 29036. We will be covering a variety of topics including school bullying, workplace discrimination, hate crimes, and […]

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Know Your Rights Forum at Nanak Naam Jahaj Gurudwara

SALDEF organized another successful Know Your Rights Forum this past weekend on Sunday, January 28, 2018, in Jersey City, NJ at Nanak Naam Jahaj Gurudwara. There were approximately 150 members of the Sangat who took part in the event and heard guest speakers from the Department of Justice, the NJ-Dept of Homeland Security, the FBI, […]

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Why You Should Apply for a SikhLEAD Summer Internship

Dear Supporter Ji, I applied for a  SikhLEAD Internship in order to make strong connections with the politically active people within my Sikh community and to ensure that I would be able to uphold the strong morals of social activism within a professional workplace. I knew that if I were to join SikhLEAD, I would […]

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Join us in DC this Summer


Do you know a student looking to gain experience? Or, are you a student looking to find a meaningful way to spend your summer? Internships are the best way to build your resume and gain valuable connections. The summer is only five months away and the time to find an internship in now. The SikhLEAD […]

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Hurry, It’s Not Too Late to Still Make a Difference!

Dear Friend, The start to 2018 is just hours away, and if you’ve been waiting to make your year-end contribution, now is the time for you to make a difference! We’re are still $41,267 shy of meeting our year-end fundraising goal to raise $250,000. Please take a minute to make your contribution to SALDEF at, or you can […]

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An Urgent Request

Dear Friend,  Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!  I hope you’re enjoying a peaceful and joyous holiday season with your family and friends. Tomorrow, we are going to be closing the books on our 2017 fundraising. Why is that so important? Because if we don’t make our year-end goal of raising $250,000, we won’t […]

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Help Enrich the Lives of Sikh Americans

Dear Friends, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Last March, I made a move from corporate life to become the Executive Director at SALDEF, a pioneer and the most experienced organization that has been serving Sikh Americans for more than 20 years. Having been a longtime follower and admirer of the organization I knew […]

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