End Racial Profiling Act

What is the bill about?

Racial profiling occurs when law enforcement rely on race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion in selecting which individuals to subject to investigations. The End Racial Profiling Act prohibits law enforcement agents and agencies from engaging in racial profiling. It does so by:

  • Requiring federal law enforcement agencies to provide training on racial profiling issues, to have procedures for investigating and responding to complaints of racial profiling by law enforcement agents, and to cease existing practices that permit racial profiling
  • Ensuring that any state or local law enforcement agency seeking federal funding prohibits racial profiling, provides training on racial profiling issue and collects data concerning racial profiling.
  • Granting an individual who was racially profiled the right to obtain declaratory relief (a judge’s determination of your rights) or injunctive relief (a court ordered act or prohibition to stop the discrimination).

Why is this important to you and the Sikh American Community?

Many Sikhs have been and continue to be victims of racial profiling. The practice of racial profiling is demeaning and contrary to the constitutional guarantee of equality under the law. The passage of this act will be an important step to bringing an end to this practice.

What can you do?

TAKE ACTION NOW! The End Racial Profiling Act is currently in the House and Senate.   Contact your Senator and Representative and urge them to support the bill.

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